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Looking around at a variety of personal body care products available today is to look at a series of bottles filled with all sorts of questionable chemicals.
Pick a bottle at random and look at the ingredients list. How many of those ingredients can you even pronounce, let alone recognize?

We’re covering our bodies in these suspicious substances and just taking the manufacturer’s word for it that they’re good for us, that they’re healthy and that they will provide us with everything we’re looking for.
There are a variety of reasons manufacturer’s use these chemicals and the truth is simple, but not one most want to hear;
Your benefit is not one of them!
These chemicals are included to:

  • Cut costs
  • Improve shelf life
  • Pad out formulas

All of which are of benefit to the manufacturer of the products, not to you, the person actually buying and using those products.

That would be one thing in itself – big organizations like to cut costs wherever they can, what’s new?

The real issue however is much more pervasive than that. You may brush off the fact that these chemicals are there for cost cutting and so on, but can you brush off their long term effect on your health?

Would you look into a random pot of chemicals and instinctively want to slather it on your skin? No! Of course not!

Why does that change just because the chemicals are nicely scented and presented?

That’s why you need to be making your next purchase from Earth Natural Essentials and guarantee your health going forward!

Every single ingredient we use in our product is 100% natural and is completely safe, so you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what you’re using.
We don’t want to blind you with chemical compounds, we want you to know everything that is in the product you are using and to satisfied that it’s totally safe!

We take our work extremely seriously, we would never sell a product to you that we would not be happy to use ourselves.

We offer a variety of exceptionally healthy and all completely natural products designed to bring you the very best that Mother Nature can provide!

A buy from Earth Natural Essentials is an investment in your health, so please have a browse.

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