The story of Earth Natural Essentials is a story where desire met necessity.

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Our founder, like millions of people, suffers with allergies and chemical sensitivities increasingly aggravated by the constantly growing lists of questionable chemicals thrown into personal care products.

She decided that she’d broken out in an allergic reaction for the last time and so set about developing her own line of personal care products with very clear and simple goals in mind.

They had to be:

  • All natural
  • Affordable
  • Vegan
  • Usable
  • Sustainable
  • Unique

The goal was simple – all natural ingredients, value for money, sustainability; sounds easy.
It wasn’t!

Once the idea was formed the real work was due to begin.

A background in supply chain management and environmental science/chemistry helped massively, but even so it was the beginning of a truly exhaustive but rewarding journey.

Developing an idea for the product line-up, sourcing ingredients, developing production capabilities, ensuring sustainability; the list of jobs was enormous.

It was no easy task to ensure that every single item on the list of criteria could be met. There are so many organic products out there already but not all of them truly live up to their honourable credentials.

Some contain suspicious chemicals still, others are far too expensive to be practical and others frankly just don’t smell very nice.

The idea was a product that you could substitute seamlessly into your life, that would still be affordable and pleasant to use but that you could also know was sustainable.

The issue of all-natural ingredients also was a must. It was of paramount importance that there be no chemical or unnatural ingredients anywhere near the products.

Over months of trial and error, along with healthy doses of drive and determination, all of that hard work proved to be completely worth it as all of the goals had been met.
She now had a product that was usable, nicely scented, affordable, all natural and totally sustainable.

The issue that had kick-started the journey was now solved. She no longer had to deal with aggravated allergies, but she knew she was not alone.

She knew millions of people all over the world were suffering the same thing and so Earth Natural Essentials was created to share these all-natural products at affordable prices.

A buy from Earth Natural Essentials is an investment in your health, so please have a browse.

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